Yoga For Everybody

Yoga For Everybody: Flowing with the breath at a gentle pace. The gentle flow will help to build strength and increase flexibility, using longer holds we will allow our bodies to release physical and mental tension. Lots of props are welcome to help relax and align our bodies and systems. yoga for everyone open to […]

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Yoga works on so many levels- physical, mental and emotional. The bridge that connects these faculties is our breath or Pranayama. This class works on all levels. It consists of some breath work that helps settle into the body and into the now, forming that connection with the body and mind. This is then followed […]

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Sun Salutation

Sun salutation for beginners  is a combination of yoga poses and breathing exercises. In order to practice advanced yogic postures and breathing exercises in pranayama, the spine and body muscles must be flexible enough. The series of postures in Suryanamaskar reduce visceral fat, facilitate spinal and limb flexibility, and also allow for proper breathing.

A total […]

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Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga (Props supported) is a class that can be enjoyed by anyone. People who suffer from ailments, traumas, or any other health issues will especially benefit from this class. The class is restorative and you are assisted with props as you take time to get into your yoga poses with the teacher’s guidance. Quite […]

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