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Yoga Sudha Center

Yoga Sudha Center was founded in 2017 to promote holistic health practices complementing our modern medicine. Our yoga teachers are key to bringing authenticity to our classes and to the health of our community, who are well certified and teach with passion. Recently we have had the pleasure to add online classes to take advantage of our teachers teaching from India, the country where Yoga originated 10,000 years ago.

 Ayur Yogic cooking classes were introduced as a key component of holistic health that helps learn to include age old Indian spices that are medicinal and beneficial to health. 

Our Travel & Learn component was founded in 2009 and continues under the umbrella of Yoga Sudha. Travel & Learn was created with a intention to promote integrated medicine. Broadening horizons that is brought back and shared in our local communities, promoting inner peace and joy. 



Yoga Sudha Center is beautifully done, tranquil atmosphere with large spacious rooms for the many types of Yoga classes available. Location is easily accessible with ample parking in a well-lit area. Recommend you visit the center and meet Sudha and her staff. You will be glad you did!
Donna Bishop Tate
As a beginner to yoga , I absolutely love this Center. I take the Tuesday evening class and Sudha is an amazing teacher. I would definitely recommend!!!
Sherry Serviente McCormick
This is such a wonderful Yoga center. It offers a variety of yoga classes that meet your needs. I have attended several classes and all of them are a bless. Come to the center and it will never disappoint you!
Yin-Chi Liao
Great schedule and environment! Start your day at 6AM with Jennifer.
Stacy Brown

If you are looking to tiptoe into Yoga during this CoVid-19 season and beyond, then I would encourage to check out Yogi Shri Subramaniam. Shri Subramaniam is an enthusiastic teacher, mentor and practitioner of Yoga for several years and offers Zoom-based Yoga classes through Yoga Sudha Center in Bristol, TN.  I started taking lessons from Shri Subramaniam and I can unhesitatingly say that I now look forward to his lessons enthusiastically every week.   

Mr. Subramaniam has taken me (a novice) from basic asanas to the difficult asanas over the span of three months. Keeping the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) asanas as the foundation, Shri Subramaniam has introduced several variations to flex the body to build strength and endurance. While demonstrating the asanas, he not only goes step by step, but also shares the medical benefits of each posture.  

In addition to Surya Namaskar, each class includes introduction of new asanas along with breathing (Pranayama) practice. His gentle voice exhorts you to destress and calm the mind and body with various breathing techniques.  

I will encourage you to sign up for the class to experience the joys of yoga…You will see the difference in your mind and body! Yoga Sudha Center website makes it easy for you to register and start this wonderful journey. 

Sailesh Venkataraman