Bhavana Agarwal

I am Bhavana, a Yoga therapist and Vinyasa yoga teacher, basically, what I love. I am absolutely passionate about movement, reading, music and especially the mountains which have always been home. My classes are dynamic, challenging your balance, neuro-muscular movements, strength, and endurance at the same time accessible to all with plenty of modifications while maintaining that restorative element. My teachings come from my life changing experiences through my own personal practice and nothing makes my happier than spreading this joy of yoga to my students not only physically, mentally, emotionally- holistically through the combination of Asana, Pranayama and Meditations. Each class is unique and features creative flows that help create and grow the space within the body helping students dive deeper into the path and connect also breath work to help create a moving meditation. Students can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, supported and happy when they leave class.
I have been training with Bhavana for a while now. I especially enjoy her guided meditations they not only help me to relax and focus but also stimulated my creativity through visualisation.
-Shivani Dholepatil
All I want to say is A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU While working on particular posture, you transformed my mind from negative thoughts to positive You made me believe I can achieve what I want and then the happiness was beyond the limits when I actually saw all the changes happening in my body. For example that comfort in forward fold, My back touching flat on the mat, arm strength, core strength. I absorbed most of our sessions and that helping me now when I practice at home while lockdown period. I’m so grateful for having a Guru like YOU
-P. S.
I really really miss you when it comes to hold any particular posture and I release before count 3. –
-Sanika Paygude
Thank u Bhavana for the yoga class. It’s help me a lot. I felt fresh everytime when I had attended my class, not only that time even in this lockdown period I have attended online yoga class with Bhavana. I enjoyed a lot. Waiting for the next class Bhavana….Thank u so much for your dedication n help. Really very grateful to you.
-Sunandita Chatterjee
Bhavna has been training me for few weeks before lockdown. She tailored the sessions as per my needs. The most beneficial effect has been on the level of my energy. Now I feel active throughout the day. Her training has been just great and her personality and attitude is even better. Even my little kid has started to join in between the sessions and she encourages her even more. Simply put- She is a wonderful and hardworking trainer and human being. She pushes you to achieve your maximum.
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